Enjoying the Day

Wow. How can I enjoy this day? It’s 81 degrees, sunny skies with a slight breeze in Denver. Not the best news when you consider that May is Colorado’s wettest month and we haven’t received much precipitation, but when given lemons, make lemonade. Or some other aphorism.

Anyway, all Winter I have pounded away on the treadmill logging one stationary mile after the next. Like a mutated hamster–loathing the cold weather. So why not go for a road run? I will enjoy the weather and work off a couple meals that were pure sin. So good, though. So good. I won’t go into that here. Too ashamed actually. Well, sorta.

So two miles into my run, I’m cursing my existence. This is nothing like runnning on the treadmill. And to think, it only took four months to forget. Crap. I usually cruise through two miles on my way to four or five. Yeah, on a treadmill. The street doesn’t have cushion, spring, or whatever you want to call it. There’s no pretty read out telling you how far you’ve gone, how many calories you’ve burned, and how many minutes you have left. No, all you have is the music in your ears and the burning in your legs and chest. And it was right about here that I realized that I was a little ambitious about this run. Five miles? Not chance. Four miles? What? You can’t be serious. And I don’t have anyone to thank for this little slice of pleasure but myself. So, change of plans. I went three miles with a quarter mile cool-down. Stetched a little, climbed the steps into the house and took a shower. It is only 3 PM. How can I still make the most of this day?

I left the shower, throw on some shorts and saunter to the fridge. Still in the rapture of post shower bliss, or maybe its the relief of having that run over, I reach in and grab a cold beer. Crack it, long pull, and eye the balcony. I pluck a book from the book case and head out. Reclining in a chair is when I realized this is how you enjoy a day.



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