Okay, so I have an amusing joke to share, but, for whatever reason, MSN doesn’t allow me to copy and paste. The chances of me typing all of that text in here? Slim.

Gates needs to get it right.

Of course, I am not the highest level computer user. So if you have some insight, give me a holla.

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One Response to Disappointing

  1. Tracy says:

    Hello Simon.I must say that I am quite amsued by your thoughts….as for the insight on how you can get your joke here other than copy/paste…well….typing it would be the only thing I know of to tell you…I am sure there are other ways…but your a smart man….you\’ll figure it out, or forget about it. (it would have been nice to know it though….you have left me wondering now….) your choice…..I like the way you think…..Take Care.Tracy.

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