Much ado about jack

Anyway, here’s how it goes. Standing in the shower blithely watching the shaving cream spiral down the drain. That Coriolis Effect. Nice urban legend. It’s the best because it sounds scientific, and it does possess some scientific validity, but it’s bullshit. Don’t believe me? Look it up. However it goes.

"Mark Felton is ‘Deep Throat.’" What? Porn all early in the morning? Somehow the Today Show gets more interesting. Katie? Is this a sweeps month??  Hilarious. Then the story crashes though the window like a brick. Shotgunning bullshit all over the floor of potential entertainment. Instead, there is only W. Mark Felton. Deep Throat. Who in the…? Oh, Watergate. 30 years ago.

Listen: Felton should be respected for doing the right thing. No doubt, few do the right thing anymore. But it is day three of this friggin’ story. It’s not news. It was news two days ago. I swear, the media is getting more mileage out of this story than the "Runaway Bride."Twenty-four hours after the story is broke, it’s not news. Welcome to your fragmented news sources. Whaddya want from me? You don’t like it, do something about it.

In case  you care, the Coriolis Effect is real and effects large things like air masses. The idea that it effects small things like the path water takes when it exits a sink drain, or toilet? Ridiculous.In other words, other than the weather; it’s interesting, but not relevant. Pure bullshit. Much like your news.  

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