You do not live in a vacuum

The Temptations’ maudlin declarations of undying love eviscerate a blissful night of sleep promptly at 5 AM. I got one of those Dream Machines as a gift. I thought it would be great to wake to one of your favorite CDs. Groggily, I realize that opinion is based largely on timing and context. I flop out an arm and set the "awake" button to "alarm."Think better of that, and set it to "radio." Not a fan of unpleasantly happy DJs anyway.  I lay there, sleep easing to awake like night eases to morning. Sniffle. Sneeze. Fuck, getting a cold. Lately, a lot of people are sneezing, coughing and sniffling on the bus. I guess no one lives in a vacuum.
Two days ago I am standing in line at a deli. After making the most important decision of the day–corned beef and pastrami or grilled chicken breast–I notice the two guys in front of me yammering away about their right to drive their SUVs and use all the gas they want as long as they can afford it. Afterall, they’re not hurting anyone. Coughing.
I guess that’s true if we all live independent of each other.
Laying there, I remember deciding to take the bus when the price of gas hit $2.50/gallon. Well, that and I refuse to pay anyone $8-10 a day to park. Anyway, later that week I read an article discussing a spike in people using public transportation. The spike was attributed to the price of gasoline. Sneeze.
Let’s suppose the price of gasoline drives people to public transportation in droves. Standing room only. Meanwhile, a woman comes home from a trip abroad bringing with her a dose of SARS or Ebola. From the airport she takes the bus during rush hour sneezing and coughing her way through her commute home. Infecting those around her. They take___ (enter your choice of disease) home, infecting those at home and work. The next thing you know, you have an epidemic. Hospitals are packed with the diseased and dying and the CDC is dumbfounded. "I can drive whatever I want and buy all the gas I want. I am not hurting anyone." Naw,not at all. The price of gas is immune to the rudimentary tenets of economics. You know, like the one about supply and demand driving price and all that. Use up all that gas, you myopic assholes.Sniffle.
I know I have gotten on the slipperiest of slopes in this little doomsday scenario. It is highly unlikely that this would occur. Hell, it’s impossible. Just a little amusement before I jump in the shower. Of course, I think most would have said it impossible that a category five hurricane would hit New Orleans and wipe it out. Dispossessing an entire city. Refugees right here in the good ol’ US. Turned on your television lately?
Throwing off the covers I wonder if there is any cold medicine in the bathroom.
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