Home Teamed

Lemme see. One, two, and three. Three obvious holding infractions during one play. None. That is how many the referee–or any other game official–bothered calling. A beautiful piece of ineptitude that results in six points for Oklahoma.
Now, possessing a fluorescent bias, I wouldn’t normally offer comment on a Nebraska football game–other than, "GO BIG RED!"–but this particular game compels comment. And not just because they were playing Oklahoma.
Single back set; Adrian Peterson sweeps left. For your viewing pleasure, the center is holding–rather egregiously–the Nebraska noseguard. Further into the play, the tight end–or maybe pulling tackle– is commiting a similar atrocity on the outside linebacker to the right side. But forget those; the takedown on our corner that allows the touchdown was ridiculous. How does that go uncalled? The ref is looking directly at the hold. The announcer says, "Here comes a holding call." Nothing. No flag, no conference and certainly no replay (none allowed). The only thing the referee managed to do was berate Coach Callahan for complaining about the call. Bullshit. How do you blame the guy? Up to this point, OU was getting more than its expected benefit of the doubt. And then you give them what turns out to be the deciding score. Bullshit!
Listen: No one is shedding any tears for Nebraska football. None expected and, when we get this ship righted, we won’t be shedding any for Husker Haters. But, in the interest of fair and untainted outcomes, can we please get a decent officiating crew? I’m sure, or at least I hope, this particular crew will not be officiating the National Championship game. There is nothing like being "home teamed" at home.
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