NFL’s Sexiest Man

Rare entertainment value. So there I am, kicking back on the couch. Hoping that the Bears can pull it out. As of this posting, the Bears and Lions are headed to overtime because Coach Smith left his balls in Chicago. Honestly, just inside two minutes left in the game, you have two timeouts, and you run out the clock and play for overtime. That’s balless.
Anyway, one of Fox’s obtrusive polls. "Go online and vote for  the NFL’s Sexiest Man."  Hilarious!  Had to check it out. Check it out if  you get a chance. My wife couldn’t find one that qualified as remotely attractive, nevermind sexy. In the event that the link doesn’ work, here are the nominees: Donnie Edwards of the Chargers, Priest Holmes of the Chiefs, Jake Plummer of the Broncos, and Charles Woodson of the Raiders. I guess all the sexy men in the NFL are in the AFC West.
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