NCAA Tournament

Apparently, Billy Packer believes that basketball teams from the bigger, and wealthier, conferences should get the invites to the NCAA tournament. This profound insight reposes on the premise that because they have won in the past they should always get in.
Lemme see. Northwestern State beat Iowa. Georgetown struggled mightily with Northern Iowa before skating out of there with a win. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee beat Oklahoma and, drum roll please–Wichita State HAMMERED Seton Hall. Now we could certainly parse out the fallacies in Packer’s reasoning. The most glaring is that past occurrences lack relevance to present and future occurrences (no causal relationship/ a version of the false cause fallacy) and that those teams usually get in with higher seeds and so they beat up on first round patsies. Sure, we could go on and on about it. But it has been summed up so succinctly and, dare I say, eloquently that we can end this now and get back to the games.
"Billy Packer sucks chub."–Matt Morr.
Very nice.
By the way, in case you care, Iowa jacked up my bracket.
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