Bobby Carpenter

Laying back in the drowsiness that accompanies drinking a few beers. That’s when it flashed across the bottom of the screen: With the 18th pick, the Dallas Cowboys select Bobby Carpenter. I waited for it,and waited for it, but it never came. My anger I am talking about. I think, at this point, I’ve grown numb to the antics of the colossal dunderhead more infamously known as Jerry Jones. Resplendent with self-consciousness and narcissism Jerry Jones has paraded out a series of draft and free agency blunders that defy credulity. This draft proved no different.
During his time at The Ohio State University, Bobby Carpenter put together some productive and outstanding seasons. This doesn’t change the fact that he evaluated out as a mid second-round pick. And Jones, in his inifinite imbecility, picked him up with the 18th  pick of the first round. Nevermind the offensive and defensive line needs. If you are going to take an OLB, what about someone like Manny Lawson, who was still on the board when the Cowboys picked Carpenter? Lawson graded out as a top 15 pick and there he is at 18 when you pick. That’s called value. Picking a OLB who graded out as a second rounder=no value.
Whatever. I am done.
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