Immigrant Boycott

The boycott may be akin to hanging the queen in chess. The immigrants are boycotting in an effort to demonstrate that they are indispensable in the American economy. I’m not certain, but it would seem to me that they could just as easily show the opposite. If that happens, the position of indispensability  quickly becomes untenable. Plus, the P. Diddy remix of the national anthem couldn’t have won them any fans. Whose idea was it to take a song that commemorates a battle fought between two English-speaking countries, re-word it and sing it in Spanish? Not a good idea. There are a few things you just don’t mess with in America. Clearly, the national anthem is among them.

Beyond that, I am not sure what one day of boycotting is going to have on the American economy. You don’t open your restaurant today? It’ll be open tomorrow. You don’t want to ship some goods? You’ll ship it tomorrow. Shop not open? It’ll be open tomorrow. You get the point. I don’t think this boycott has much political cache.

Now having said that, I think it is flat silly to make illegal immigration a felony. That is amazingly asinine. The burgeoning penal system agrees. Seriously, the overcrowding in the penal system is well documented. So where would you put all of these "felons?" More taxes to build more prisons? More jails? And, then, assuming that they are in prison, our tax dollars would be used to feed and clothe them while behind bars.

I guess there is no easy answer to the situation, but the current discourse is meandering through the extremes. If we want a feasible and prudent resolution, we must abandon the extreme measures currently being bandied about and admit this issue is the province of objective and nonpartisan minds. Now, if they would only speak up.  

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