10 Things That Annoy Me

The entry was actually titled: 10Things That Piss Me Off, but big bro won’t allow me to put that in the title. Frightening. Anyway, here is the list in no particular order.
10. People who wear t-shirts with the names of bands that you know they don’t listen to. That is an unprecedented level of desperation.
9. Paid Programming. It’s a half-hour long lie.
8. The fact that concepts like protest and patriotism are now the backdrop for commercials and the framework for political speeches.
7. Corporate sponsorship. The minute I walk outside and there is a Pepsi logo on the moon, someone’s catching a beat down. It could happen, you know.
6. MTV. More specifically, My Super Sweet 16. If I found the sack to behave like these little bastards, mom and dad would have raced to see who gets to kill me. But beyond that, in general, that network encourages self-loathing.
5. Reality TV. Oh, I’m sorry, reality-based TV. Whatever. Just shows that the American public is missing one teeny tiny thing. A life.
4. The ongoing and continuous vilification of Barry Bonds. The worst thing this man did, if he did it, was to take steroids. Kobe Bryant ass-raped a woman and no one seems to care a whole lot. That’s an unsettling message. By the way, big ups to Raja Bell. I don’t wear jerseys, but I just might pick up a Phoenix #19 one.
3. The Duke LAX scandal (if you know me, you knew this was going to make the list). Destroying the lives of others for political gain is, well, jacked up. And the media is playing the role of enabler and facilitator. Just as jacked up. Don’t get me wrong, if these guys did it, they deserve whatever happens to them, but let’s allow the courts to do their jobs without the impediment otherwise known as the media.
2. Stephen A Smith. Why is he always screaming?!
1. Vegetarians. Not so much that they don’t eat meat. What do I care what you eat or don’t eat? But because the air of moral superiority is their constant and loyal companion. Seriously, shut the hell up and pass the steak sauce.
Honorable Mention
Rupert Murdoch bought myspace.com. What is that all about?!
The fact that I had to change the title of this entry to get it posted pisses me right the fuck off.
For another list of things that piss me off, go to
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