Raja Bell

Wow. And it’s about time. These two thoughts, if you can call them that, leapt to mind when Raja Bell reacquainted us all with the truth about Kobe Bryant this morning.Calling him an arrogant, pompous individual who gets away with too much and expects to get away with it. Outstanding. Then, when asked about Kobe’s "octagon comment," Bell said, "We don’t need an octagon, we have all the space we need out here. So he’s talking all that shit, but whatever. He didn’t get in my face like he did a few of my other teammates." Right on, Raja. That was long overdue.


Of course, on ESPN 2 there was Kenny Smith and Mike Golic excoriating and mocking Raja for his comments and generally having a Kobe circle jerk. But, even that couldn’t abate the feeling of satisfaction that Bell’s comments invoked. Finally, finally, finally.


Now having said all of that, Bell is suspended and deservedly so. You just can’t go around clothes lining people.Hell, they outlawed it in football. So one might be able to guess its level of acceptance in basketball.  Nonetheless, it’s only an infinitesimal fraction of what Kobe deserved, and I can only hope someone else visits more pain upon Kobe’s person.

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