NBA Refs

Although I’m a Chicago Bulls fan, I couldn’t bring myself to cheer some of the offensive fouls called against Shaquille O’Neal. Now, in the early going of the Heat’s second round series with the New Jersey Nets, the refs have saddled Shaq with two questionable offensive fouls. Questionable my ass. The first encroached on questionable, the second clearly bullshit. And I mean bullshit in the way Harry Frankfurt means it, "No concern for reality."
It’s curious, really. This is one of the NBA’s biggest stars–literally and figuratively–and the refs are officiating him and the Heat out of the playoffs. Positively ridiculous. When will the refs come to understand that no one comes to watch them officiate? More importantly, when will the league office have a conversation with the officials and explain to them what is considered a foul?
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